Senior Profiles

JordanJordan Smith, 152 lbs.

Senior Captain Jordan Smith’s family includes his parents Rick and Christy, older brother Garrett, and younger brothers Nolan and Austin.  The Redskins are his favorite team.  He sticks with them through thick and thin, no matter what happens.  In school, History is Jordan’s best subject, it is the one he feels most at ease with.

Jordan has been wrestling for 12 years.  His favorite wrestling memory is making full-time varsity this year which has been his main goal as far back as he can remember.  Jordan’s dad has had the biggest impact on him.  His dad has pushed him to reach beyond and achieve beyond what he expected.  The thing he will miss about wrestling is the friends he made and the seniors that he is captain with.  Jordan will also miss the friends he had in school.

After graduation Jordan plans to go to college, get a job, get married, and honor God with whatever he does.

Advice to the underclassmen: Never give up, keep going and if you use your talents to glorify God, he will honor you for your efforts.


TyroneTyrone Cheeks, 160 lbs.

Senior Tyrone Cheeks is new to the Paint Branch wrestling team this year, but they are his family.  His favorite team is the Eagles, he is from West Philadelphia.  Tyrone’s best subject in school is History because he loves learning about different civilizations.

Tyrone wrestles in the 160 lb weight class and he has been wrestling for three years.  The people who have made an impact on him are Jon Trenge because he is Tyrone’s father figure, and Coach Rick Smith who introduced him to how important Jesus Christ is.  His favorite wrestling memory was his first year of wrestling when he beat the #4 ranked kid in the state of Pennsylvania and also when he qualified for states.  The thing Tyrone will miss about wrestling is how much they do everything for, with, and by Christ.

Tyrone has two scholarships to Edinboro and Lockhaven.  He hasn’t decided, but is also enlisted in the Marines.

Advice to the underclassmen:  You are never good enough, there is always room for improvement even if you are a state champ, always look to get better.


MitchellMitchell Zio. 145 lbs.

Senior Captain Mitchell Zio’s family includes his mom Marian and siblings Arnold, Jerry, and Maliaka.  His favorite sports team is the Miami Heat.  In school Mitchell’s favorite subject is Art.

Mitchell wrestles at 145 lbs and has been wrestling for four years.  Coach Smith has impacted him the most.  Mitchell played JV football for him and liked the way he coached.  His favorite wrestling memory was winning Hub Cup last year.  Mitchell will miss the people that he was with and who made him better at wrestling.

After graduation Mitchell plans to wrestle and go to college.

Advice to the underclassmen: The hardest thing to do when wrestling is lose and give up on the sport.


JohnathanJohnathan Chen, 132 lbs.

Senior Jonathan Chen’s family includes: Tom, Kenny, Jenny, and Jessica.  His favorite sport is wrestling; it teaches you many things, in sport and out of sport.  Jonathan’s favorite subject in school is Art; it is better than Math and English.

Jonathan wrestles in the 132 lb weight class.  He has been wrestling for two years.  The people who have made the biggest impact on him are his parents.  They taught him to work hard and have always been there to support him.  Jonathan’s favorite wrestling memory is coming back to win with a pin.  He will miss the wrestling team and his friends.

After graduation, Jonathan plans to attend college and major in business.

Advice to the underclassmen: Always keep pushing and never give up.


SimonSimon Bautista-Vargas, 138 lbs.

Senior Simon Bautista’s family includes his dad Simon, his mom Amarilis Vargas Bautista, and his sisters Maria L., Lily, and Maria T.  His favorite team is the Red Sox because he watches the games with his dad all the time.  Music is his favorite subject because the environment and the people are great.

Simon wrestles in the 138 pound weight class and has been wrestling for four years.  The people who have impacted him are Coach Danny and his dad.  They are always pushing him to do his best.  Simon’s favorite wrestling memory was participating in the Dark Horse Duals this year.  He will miss his great teammates and the high school memories.  After graduation he plans to attend a university.

Advice to the underclassmen:  Work hard from the beginning so that when it is over you have no regrets.


ChrisChris Young, 285 lbs.

Senior captain Chris Young’s family includes his parents Kathy and Jeff and his dog Dixie.  His favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; he has no clue why.  Chris likes math and science because he is good at them.

Chris wrestles heavyweight and has been wrestling for four years.  The coach who has influenced/impacted him the most is Coach Smith.  He has helped Chris become a hardworking tougher man.  His favorite wrestling memory was his first varsity match and win freshman year against Gaithersburg at Rocket Launch.  Chris will miss the bond that he has with the other wrestlers and his friends.  After graduation he plans to play football in college.

Message to the underclassmen: Work hard and good things happen.